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These types of website updates can be accomplished without changing the theme or general framework of the website. If you desire, you should be able to update content and add images to your gallery without the help of tech support and we can show you how. WordPress and Joomla websites can be very robust, but easy for the user to update.

There are times when a redesign is the answer to your website woes. There can be many reasons to start over with a new website. Some things to consider are:


Too often website updates to the content management system (cms), the theme and plug-ins are left for long periods of time. Leaving crucial updates for too long can cause endless issues with capability, usability and security. If updates are grossly outdated, creating backups, exporting, importing and updating can be as much work as transitioning all your content to entire new platform. Before you invest in a major update, consider the future of your website. It is advised to have a professional run your updates. One update can cause issues to other features or to the website entirely.


Are you ready to invest in the website you want? It might be better to wait until you can manage the added costs that come with adding new services. We offer a two- payment plan where we take a deposit and the rest when the website is completed.

However, paid services will also likely help your site generate more income. Adding ecommerce or scheduling can turn your purely informational website, into the best and most reliable employee on your staff. Unless you just need simple content update, consider the most cost effective long-term solution for your website.

Expanding Needs

Have you added services? Do you want to another page? Do you want live feeds or options for account logins? Would you benefit from linking applications, such as Salesforce? Does your website have the same purpose as it did when it was launched? Or has the purpose, the focus and the clientele changed or grown? Your website should reflect the adaptation your business has made. A website should never hinder your business, but elevate it by giving website visitors what they desire...convenience, clarity and security.


Does your website read as secure on all browsers? Is the certificate update? Are pages that process transactions and gather client information secure? Do you have antivirus software running on your website, so it will not get infected and potentially infect others? In maintaining the health of your website, it is important to run security updates and verify that all your payment portals are secure.


Is your website glitchy or frustrating? Can customers navigate easily on your website? Can they easily find what they are looking for? Are there contact and social media links on every page? Can pricing be viewed? Can examples be seen? Can payments be made? Is your blog page full of content that visitors will find relevant, timely and useful? These things are important to your Google quality score as well; the more people visit your website and remain on it, the better it is for you.

New Branding

If you have updated your logo or changed it, you might want to start a rebranding campaign to reflect the new feel of and direction of the company. Consumers lose faith in companies that don’t invest money properly representing their own brand. Invest in yourself.

Contact Graphic Palette if you need a refresh, redesign or a new website. We create graphics, provide content writer affiliates, build and manage your website.